Silhouette photography, like all other types, can still be interesting and trigger off emotions even though the fine details of the subjects can’t be clearly seen. A photograph of a silhouette can be much like a song as you can often interpret it any way you like. If you see a silhouette of somebody sitting on their own on a park bench with their chin being propped up by their hand, you can imagine all sorts of situations.

The person could be deep in thought, sad, happy, sleeping, crying, missing somebody, or just watching the birds, etc. The possibilities are basically endless when it comes to a silhouette and you can create your own theories or emotions behind each photo, making each of them unique as they have a special meaning to you.

Why Silhouette Photography Is So Intriguing

Of course, the next person who views the same photo will create their own scenario behind it in their mind.

This happens because the images are missing the most important details, which is generally the person’s face and your brain then takes over and tries to fill them in. Silhouette photography can be a lot of fun and quite artistic because of this and it’s not really that hard to master. However, it’ll still take a bit of practice.

To take effective silhouette images you’ll need to use pure back lighting. This means the lighting has to come from behind your subject. You don’t need any fill flash or reflectors. You just need the natural light that’s available in the scene. You’ll have to focus on your subject so that the outline of the silhouette is pretty sharp. Using a large aperture such as f8 and higher is a good start. This will enable you to capture the background in focus too.

For example, if you’re taking a photo of somebody on a beach at sunset, you’ll be using the sun as the source of light, but make sure you don’t point the camera directly into it. A tripod could be useful to keep the camera steady since you might need a pretty long exposure. Try a few shots and see how they look. What you should see is a dark silhouette and the sunset in perfect exposure.

You can even create a glowing effect in this instance by moving the person directly in front of the sun. The light will emanate from behind them and it will create an artistic effect. However, you don’t have to take silhouettes of people only. You can also take shots of objects, buildings, nature, animals, trees, etc. In fact anything can be used. Just have some fun with this type of photography and let your imagination and creative juices run wild.

These silhouette photos can be quite intriguing and mysterious especially since each viewer will be able to interpret them differently. Just remember to utilize back lighting and expose the background properly. You should be able to get the hang of it pretty quickly after a couple of practice sessions.

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