Self portraits are pretty unnerving and fun at the same time. Unnerving for a number of reasons like, you can’t see yourself. Whether you look good or bad, you get to know only after you have clicked the image. Your composition also changes because again you can’t see your subject in your imagery. Then there is the challenge of setting the right focus and the right timing.

Self Portrait Tips

The fun part however is that this is a picture of you, by you. This gives you a chance to be truly creative and capture an image of you in your current environment. Quite the challenge? But worth the risk.

However, to capture a self portrait you need to get the basics done first. Following are few tips that you might want to keep in mind when you pause yourself in eternity.

1. You need something to Focus on

That is the main concern when you are clicking a self portrait. Who are you going to focus on? Without any subject to focus onto, the camera simply focuses on something in the background. This especially happens when you shoot in auto focus.

But then again, even if you do use manual focus, there is a much greater chance you wouldn’t get the apparent distance. So what do you do at a time like this? Simple, you use a substitute. It can be anything, a second tripod or a table lamp. The height is not much of a concern than the distance is. Place the object in the same position you would stand and then focus accordingly.

2. Set Your Timer High

Another major concern is that when you set in the timer, you don’t set it quite high. This results in you running to your position for a shot that just captured half of your face peeping in from the side. Give yourself ample time to adjust. Set your position perfect and then let it roll. For that, it doesn’t even matter if you have to wait for some time for your camera to take your picture.

3. You Capture Yourself

Lastly, a self portrait should be a creative one. Create a frame that portrays you in your natural self and your natural environment, not a replica of something you have seen somewhere. If you be yourself when you click and you want to capture the real you, then your camera captures the you who is a three dimensional being not artificial.

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