It takes time to learn how to take good sports photos because of the fast-paced action involved with most of them. If the sport is physical in nature it’s a good idea to get close-ups on the contact involved in the sport. There’s also a lot of emotion involved, so capturing it is a good idea. Keep your eyes open after goals are scored for celebrations and dejection.

Quick Reminders For Sports Photography

You might also want to show the action of the game by panning the camera along with a moving ball or player, etc. This will allow you to keep the ball or player in focus while the background of the image will be blurred.

If the sport’s outside, try to keep the sunlight behind you. You’ll need a lot of light to capture the action and a flash can sometimes be useful outside if you’re close enough. A telephoto or zoom lens will allow you to zoom in on the action.

Make sure the shutter speed and aperture are balanced correctly to allow enough light in and to be fast enough to take the photo. If the aperture is wider it’ll allow you to set a faster shutter speed. If there’s not enough light or the shutter speed is too slow the photos will be blurry.


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