Putting together your own collection of graffiti photography should not be too hard because all you have to do is take a photograph of some graffiti that already exists. You don’t even have to do the graffiti on your own, which means that you can usually just walk around the city to see what you can find. The best part about this type of photography is that you can keep a piece of art in a binder forever even after someone comes by to wipe the paint off of the wall.

Putting Together a Collection of Graffiti Photography

Graffiti photography is a great option if you are a graffiti artist because it is a way to keep a collection of all the works you have done in the past. No one else will be able to take your art away when you have it in a photo album, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your art will be there the next day. As long as you have your photo, you can always remember the time you tagged a certain part of your local town.

When you are putting together a collection of your pieces of graffiti art, it is sometimes a good idea to use some filters on your camera.

You could at least make sure to use a digital camera because you want to be able to look at the photos on your computer and perhaps edit them in the future.

Anyone who is going to be taking pictures of graffiti will definitely want to be able to use the black and white filter from time to time.

Making your own graffiti photography

Many graffiti artists like to take photos of their own work because they don’t know when someone is going to come around and remove it. It’s important to photograph all of your own work so you can go back and look at it at any time.

Even if the graffiti stays there for a long time, it’s always nice to be able to look at all of your pieces in one little album.

A blog is the best place to store all of your photographs these days because you will be able to access them rather easily from anywhere and also be able to easily share them with all of your friends and family. The only problem you may run into with this kind of photography is that you need to remember that graffiti is still illegal. You need to be careful even when you are simply photographing some graffiti because some people tend to look down on this kind of thing.

Be careful with your graffiti

You need to especially be careful if you are also a graffiti artist because you could be in a lot of trouble if someone finds your album. All of your graffiti photography will be in one spot, so someone would be able to tell which pieces of artwork around town were done by you or someone you know.


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