At the opposite extreme of the thousands of dollars objectives with multilayer lenses treated with expensive substances and of the supersonic motors used to get a perfect digital focus, there is a method used since the beginning of the 15th century that creates the photography through a little orifice called pinhole.

In spite of the 5 centuries that have passed since it was created, there is still a movement in the present day photography, which is using the pinhole photography. This is quite popular considering it has a special international day that celebrates this type of photography.

The pinhole photographs are made special by their exposure rate and studied blur. These give them a special air, representing a spoiled, crocked reality which makes them to be much appreciated.

On the other hand it is good to know that the focal distance can be chosen by the photograph when he builds his pinhole which is pretty much the equivalent to choosing a specific objective.

The large attention the method received has resulted in the creation of a mathematical support for designing a pinhole. Many books were written on the topic but as a general idea the item that must be considered when taking on pinhole photography is that there is an optimal diameter called focal distance used to cover a photo-sensible plan.

Photo Credit: M J M


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