As we all know, the main point of fashion photography is to create an image that will be appealing to the viewers. For this you might be interested in the Photoshop effects for fashion photography. There are a lot of effects to choose from and so you might want to master them all.

Photoshop Effects for Fashion Photography

Just like a movie

In order to make your fashion photos look like a movies’ poster, first you have to do some retouching on the skin of the models. Make sure that the skin is perfectly even and smooth. After this you might want to enhance some of the colors. For instance if there is a green dress, you might want to make the color more vivid.

Make it seem out of this world

There is a lot you can do with a photo when using the fashion photography Photoshop effects. Start by creating a new layer and fill it with colors. Then adjust the curves. Adjustments should be made to the levels as well, especially to the gamma. Usually it is useful to adjust the brightness and contrast.


When thinking about the Photoshop effects for fashion photography, you should know that retro is the new modern. You can add a retro touch to the photos by adjusting the curves. The same effect can be achieved if you add a new layer. You have to have less red in the photo and more blue.

Exposure blending

Before trying this one of the fashion photography effects of Photoshop you ought to know that the process is difficult and time consuming. The main point is to take several pictures of the same setting with different exposures and then blend them together into a single photo.

Light leaks and lomo effects

The Photoshop effects for fashion photography also include these special effects. First you need to adjust the curve and then add the color that you would like to have, usually red. Once you create an action, you will be able to use it for every photo that you want.

Textures and blending

In order to use this one of the Photoshop effects for fashion photography, you will have to start with some basic editing. Then open a new texture file and smooth the new texture with the help of the blur tool. All there is left for you is to add the new texture to the photo and blend it in.

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