When you’re trying to take photos of wildlife you need to be a little patient. Of course, there will be some instances when you have to take the shot right away as you’ll lose it if you don’t, but if there’s no rush, then take the time to study the animal you want to capture.

It’s a good idea to just watch the animal to see how it behaves and reacts to things. If you know how certain types of wildlife are likely to react there’s a good chance you can get a more interesting image of it.

A lot of animals and insects are just naturally frightened of humans and they often run away. If you are quiet and still there’s a good chance the creature won’t notice you and will carry on with its regular routine.

For example, if you spot a deer in the woods or some type of rare and colorful bird it may hit the road as soon as it notices your presence. Birds and insects often return to the same place to perch and look for food, etc. Give the creature time to get used to you.

Just don’t expect to be able to walk up to an animal or insect and be able to take a photo of it. You may even half to wait 30 minutes to get a good shot, but it could be well worth it in the end.


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