pet photographyPets are a part of our lives and it is every owner’s wish to keep memories of their favorite pets.

There is certainly no better way to these memories than to take pet photographs.

Taking pet photographs can be a much fun and exciting experience, but if you ask anyone who has ever tried to take a photo of their pet you`ll find that taking pet photographs can be one of the toughest things to do.

For example getting your dog or your cat to sit still, and getting your dog to stop sniffing and licking your camera lens can be a difficult task.

To successfully take pet photographs you will need to learn and understand a few pet photography tips.

Tips for taking pet photographs

When taking pet photographs the first concern will be equipment; this is important because your choice of cameras will largely depend on what you intend to do with the pictures. Do you want to stick them up on the fridge, or put it in your photo-book/wallet etc.

If you want to take simple pictures then a simple camera will do the trick however if you really want to get professional with your photography then a digital camera will be the best option for you.

Digital cameras have many exciting features that will spice up your pictures and give them a more professional look.

For example using the “stop motion” feature you can take several pictures quickly and then you will be able to select the ones you like the most, this also gives you the chance to take pictures of your pet running around.

Another pet photography tip is never to use the flash on your pets, this means that you will have to get real good lighting in order to get good pictures and what better place than outdoors using natural light.

Natural light offers many advantages for example; it will help get rid of those undesirable shadows that you get from artificial light, and it really brings out the colors better.

The next tip which most people overlook is location. When taking pet photographs its not enough to just have a pet and camera.

To get the best pictures the most important thing is the scenery around you so avoid indoor photos, go out side to your backyard or the park and then you are bound to get the best pictures. The animals are from the wild and the best photos would be outdoor pictures.


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