How to capture the exact playful attitude of our pets is something all of us wonder while trying to take their picture. Unfortunately, sometimes, the best result we get includes phenomena like “red eyes”, mistakes in framing the subject or simply a head or a tail with no special meaning.


There are a few steps we should follow while photographing the pets and here are the most important ones. The eyes of our pets have red spots in the photography for the same reason our own eyes do. It is all about the reflection in the moments the pupils are dilating. In many cases for animals, this reflection is light green instead of red.

The best way is to go for natural light instead of simply using the flash. A room with large windows and the sunrise or the sunset light can make the perfect scenery for pet photography.

If you must use the flash make sure you keep it at a fair distance from the lens. In case of a classical digital camera where the flash is incorporated, this is not possible. Still the best way is to point the flash towards the ceiling so that you get a stronger light and avoid the weird looking eye effect.

Positioning the subject for the perfect shot can be quite challenging. The typical animal portraits are simply the shots of animals looking into the camera, dull and common with nothing spectacular. The right way to go is to let your pet show some personality and this will allow you to get a memorable side of its charm.

On the other hand keep in mind that your pet will not have the patience to stay put more than a few seconds. If you place it into an unfamiliar spot it will find it hard to relax. But if you are on the quest for a decent shot, which 99% of the house pets don’t have, you should be patient.

Be careful where you take the picture and make sure you eliminate from the background unpleasant looking objects like garbage bins and pipes. Choose the spot and take some shots of the spot without your pet. After that, arm yourself with patience and persuade the pet to stay there.

Keep in mind you can always use playthings your pet loves. For example, if your dog likes a certain ball, or your cat is fond of playing with your keys, keep these things at hand. These items will help you focus the shot to capture the best of your pet’s personality.


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