If you’ve heard of a panoramic view before, then you can imagine what panoramic photography entails. This type of photography will show images that have an extreme wide angle or field of view.

However, it doesn’t include photos that have been cropped to a wide aspect ratio. A panoramic image is typically one that shows the same view as what your eye can see or an even wider view.

This means a typical image is about 160 by 75 degrees. A panoramic photo will offer an unobstructed and detailed, complete view of a specific area.

This type of photography is quite commonly used when taking landscape photos. A panoramic photo can often look like a wide horizontal strip that is narrow vertically.

However, many people often use the word panoramic when referring to any photo format that comes with a wide aspect ratio. But in reality, these aren’t necessarily photos that contain a large field of view.

When you set some cameras to their panoramic modes, the zoom lens is at its shortest focal length of around 24 mm. At this setting, the camera only has a field of view of 65 degrees. This is generally known as a moderate wide angle or simply just a wide angle, not an extreme wide angle.

You can get specialized cameras for panoramic photography if you’d like, but many photographers will end up taking several photos of the topic and then stitch them together. This in effect will produce a panoramic view.

Cameras that come with an aspect ratio of 2:1 or higher means that the width (2) is double the height (1). These cameras are generally known as panoramic.

Many photographers use an accessory to keep the camera steady in this type of photography, such as a tripod or monopod. This will allow you to rotate the camera and keep it level at the same time.

This method will also allow you to take longer exposures, which means the photos should be sharp and in focus. A monopod is okay to use if you don’t have a tripod as you may get some camera shake.

Panoramic photography has been popular with photographers around the world for many years as the images can actually show more than the naked eye can see. Some of these photos are so good they almost seem to cover a 360 degree angle when you look at them.

Photo Credit: Stephen Oachs


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