There’s no doubt about it, wildlife photography offers some of the most amazing and exciting images possible. But it can be very dangerous, depending on where you’re shooting and what types of animals you plan on capturing with your camera.

Sometimes we end up rushing wildlife photos and at other times we take too long to capture the moment and it’s passed us by.  One of the tricks in getting good shots is to be prepared, but don’t rush things when you have opportunity to take your time.

When taking shots of wildlife, you should try and get close enough to the subject, but remain at a safe distance.

No Time for Mistakes in Wildlife Photography

Again, this depends on the animal and the situation. If you’re face to face with a lion in the wilds, you want to be as far away as you can. This means, make sure you have the appropriate lenses on hand to zoom into the creature.

When taking a photo of a bird sitting on a branch, make sure the shot shows the bird and not the whole tree. Zoom in as close as possible and get rid of everything else in the frame unless it’s essential to the photo or tells a story.

Don’t get too carried away though and get too close to the subject. You don’t want it to be crammed into the image. Make sure there’s a little space or the image will appear cramped and squashed. This should be no problem with a zoom lens. Just pull it back a little to leave some room around the animal’s head.

It’s a good idea to set the shutter speed and aperture manually. This allows you to control the depth of field. A small aperture increases the depth of field surrounding the subject and this could result in a distracting background.

If you use a wide aperture the depth of field will narrow, allowing you to concentrate on the animal. Also, you can use a faster shutter speed, enabling you to freeze a moving animal.

Timing is also key. You can always take a bad photo, but the chance to take a great one may only present itself a few times, especially with moving animals. This means – be patient and take a lot of shots. Remember, most of them will be mediocre, but you may suddenly get a superb one. Study the animal if you have time and see how it moves and behaves.


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