myron beckMyron Beck is a name, which fascinated almost everyone with his digital photography arts, gaining the respect of the advertising photography world.

He is not just a common photographer. In Beck’s portfolio, you can find the dream come true of an artist. Myron Beck has made the hottest commercials and adds, but what makes this man brilliant, is the fact that he can advertise his work in an intrigue like way, different from all the other artists in the business.

Beck himself is claiming that the success key to his work is the ability to deliver and produce projects, meeting all kinds of deadlines and even more – the artist is able to concentrate and deliver the product of his art after a single week. His employers were companies as McDonalds, Budweiser and many more.

One of his significant works, which will stay as an example to all is the advertisement art for Western Project. The project captures and follows the life of a Utah family. During this project, Myron Beck had successfully showed another side from the life of an ordinary family.

We can easily say that Beck is a photographer good at telling lifestyle stories through his camera. He is able to capture the changes and cultural influences over the human nature in a way that nobody else can.


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