Moody photography is an art. Therefore, so many photographers are expressing their best exactly with this kind of images. Here are few tips how to create moody images with your own personal style.

One of the most important things in this matter is choosing the right color. Each color has its own expression and mood. If you are going to display calmness, peace and tranquility, choose blue. In case you want an emotional and passionate picture, choose an intense color such as red.

The brighter colors bring certain element of tenderness, so use them if you want to display some melting heart moment. Many photographers want to create portraits that express certain situations in human’s life.

This kind of photography depends also on the model. Choose an unusual face expression and shoot from a different angle. Forget the stereotypical pictures. Try to capture the model’s face expression in a moment of surprise. Use a contrastive lightening for a more dramatic effect.

The black color is also very proper, in case you want to display a message of an authority, mystery and power. The eyes are also the favorite object for many photographers. Try to capture exactly their look, when the model expects it less. Use green and earth colors, for they are expressing the nature.


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