Adventure photography has always been one of the most interesting in the branch. Many professionals find it difficult, because taking sport-action images requires a mix of skills, luck and of course, experience.

In case you are going to shoot images devoted to the adventure photography, here are some tips, which might help you in your process of capturing the action with the right composition and light.

First and perhaps most important is to capture the right light of the image. Before you decide shooting, just take different lenses and try focusing on different angles. The best light is the one that comes natural.


Do not play with Photoshop, because usually the adventure photography is hiding its charm in the natural lighting.

The composition is also an issue you should consider. There are several rules, which you need to follow, when it comes to composition. Make sure you are not setting a goal to put your subject in the middle of the frame, because this will be a standard image instead of one exploring the wild side of the object you are capturing.

Always ask yourself about the meaning of the image you are willing to take as well as for the idea you want to insert into your work. Just try to simplify your image and keep it natural.


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