Understandably, one of the most popular angles for taking photos is from a photographer’s standing position. This is because it’s generally the most comfortable and is ideal for taking landscape shots and other general photos. However, it’s not always the best angle for capturing exciting images.

If you’d like to add a bit more excitement to your shots you may want to consider taking them from a low angle. In fact, if you lie down on the ground when taking landscape photographs, you’ll really be able to capture the detail of the foreground.

Taking the photos from a bottom or low angle will give and the viewer a different and fresher perspective of situations and scenes.

Low-Angle Photography Offers Fresh Perspectives

This will provide a different outlook on locations, landscapes, and monuments etc.

Low-angle photography is also pretty effective when shooting parties and social events. It’s a good vantage point to capture things such as motion blur of performers, crowds, and people dancing etc.

This is an ideal way to add excitement to your shots.

Another good occasion for taking low-angle shots is when taking photos of children when they’re playing as you’ll then be down to their eye level. Even getting below eye level will result in some good shots since taking photos of them from your standing position often results in somewhat awkward angles and everything appears to be a head-on shot. Low-angle shots will enable you to capture the children’s facial expressions and their wide-eyed innocence.

However, with most types of digital SLR and point-and-shoot cameras it’s hard to get a low-angle perspective when actually taking the photos because you can’t usually see the scene through its LCD screen or viewfinder. But some cameras now have swirl or tilt LCD screens. These enable you to view the scene if you turn or twist the camera’s LCD screen while it’s touching the ground. Just make sure you have some type of protective sheet or cover with you if the ground’s dirty.

Another useful camera accessory when taking low-angle shots is a small and sturdy tripod that fits on a table top. You can usually find ones that are about six inches in height. These allow you to capture images in low-light conditions by keeping the camera still. A time-release controller or remote control can also come in hand after you’ve mounted the camera to the small tripod. This will allow you to take the shots from a comfortable position.

Of course, there will be some instances when taking low-angle shots just won’t be possible. This usually happens in street and travel photography and in places where there are crowds of people, etc.  However, whenever you get a chance and the time to try it out, it’s something that’s well worth experimenting with. You’ll soon realize which situations make for interesting low-angle images and which ones don’t.

When taking low-angle shots, be careful with your digital camera and try to keep it away from dusty and dirty surfaces if at all possible. Make sure the conditions are right before you risk your camera and/or your body on the ground.


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