Most probably you know that there are some changing trends regarding photography as well, such as light painting. If you find this technique interesting, you might be looking for light painting photography ideas.

Light Painting Photography Ideas


Be the man

As one of the ideas that you could use, have several people dressed in black suits that come with lights on the sides. The main point is to track their movement from the ground all the way until they get on their feet. This way you will achieve an effect that looks like rain of light.

The stars

If you don’t want to use other people regarding the light painting ideas for photography, you might make use of the movements of the stars. All you have to do is to pick a night when there are a lot of shooting stars and point your camera to the sky.

The message

The good thing about the light painting photography ideas is that you can send messages without leaving any trace. For this you will need a person in a dark suit with a source of light in their hands, writing a message in the air. Once the photo is taken, there will be no trace left whatsoever.

The figures

The photographers interested in the tips for light painting photography ought to know that the most interesting ideas involve capturing a moment. For instance you might have two people fighting. Make sure that they are completely still and have other people trace their silhouettes with light.

The ghost

It is interesting to know about the light painting photography ideas that you can make people look like ghosts. For instance you could have a person playing the piano. Trace their silhouette with light, but then remove the person from the photo to make them look translucent.

Still life

You don’t need any dynamic elements for the light painting tips for photography. You can choose a scene of still life and simply trace the items with light. This way you can make them look like they have a special aura; they will end up looking out of this world and really amazing.

When it comes to the light painting photography ideas all you have to do is to set your creativity free and follow all your ideas, even though they might seem ridiculous at the beginning. Don’t forget: there is no such thing as a bad idea.


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