Flash is one of the most important parts of a camera that makes it possible for you to take snaps in low light. Technically, flash is a device in a camera that helps to illuminate the scene by producing an artificial light. The importance of flash is realized when you need to take photographs in very dim light such as in the night or somewhere in a dark room.

Coming to flash photography, it is not just one thing. There are many types. It may be on-camera flash or off-camera flash. In studios, you will mostly come across the flash with umbrellas.

flash photography

Facts of Flash Photography

There’s a lot of science behind getting a perfectly illuminated scene with the help of a flash.

  • Flash works from only a particular distance. So, you must learn to know this distance though the exposure can automatically be adjusted by the latest photographic technology and TTL automation in cameras.
  • Another interesting thing about flash is that the exposure attained by flash is not affected by the shutter speed but continuous light is affected.
  • Photography is all about lighting. A large source of light such as the umbrellas in the studios is preferred as they provide pretty soft light as compared to a smaller source.

Tips on Flash Photography

Aiming flash at the right places and controlling its intensity is what you need to learn about in photography. It is what decides your exposure. The importance and use of flash are discussed below:

  • If you are clicking indoors, you definitely need a flash. At such places, bounce flash is preferred to direct flash. Under a white ceiling, turn ISO into automatic and the TTL mode will take care of the bounce.
  • Even while outdoors you may need a flash to soften the shadows. Fill flash is required here. There are some automatic modes in the camera to do this for you.
  • Even if the TTL automation gives too much flash or too less flash than you may have thought, you can decrease or increase it accordingly by the help of the positive or negative flash compensation.

These are the basics you need to keep in mind while doing photography. You may try to use flash everywhere thinking that it might illuminate the scene but sometimes over illumination may harm the quality of your snap.

Having the right knowledge about the use of flash at the right places is what makes your photograph a perfectly exposed one. You can’t play cricket without having knowledge of the pitch. Similarly, you cannot just click a good photograph without having the right knowledge about flash and photography.

Photo Credit By: cs.nyu.edu

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