The landscape photography captures the essence of beautiful landscapes. Almost every apprentice photographer, who is aspirant in finding career in photography dreams of clicking beautiful landscape photographs such as sunrise, sunset or a mountain. Landscape photography comes under nature photography.

landscape photography

Before starting landscape photography, study about the location. Start the shoot at different times of the day and at different weather patterns. The landscape photography shows off all the shades in the nature, the dark, bright, dull, gloomy etc. Before starting landscape photography, you need to carry necessary items such as:

  • wide angle and telephoto lenses
  • tripod
  • compass to find sunrise and sunsets
  • photographic filters– polarized filters, red filters for black and white photography
  • binoculars
  • panoramic and SLR camera

Photographer finding career in the landscape photography need to know some basic rules to flourish as great landscape photographers.

  • Lighting is very important in any photograph- light has three main qualities: intensity, direction and color [Photography lighting techniques].
  • Intensity- strength of light and widespread of light in the location
  • Direction-Exactly named as light distortion or light placement. If you stand directly below sun, no shadows will be formed. Knowing the direction of the sun will make photos without shadows and dark spaces.
  • Color- Sunlight color i.e. whether the sun is sharp, soft or dull, sun color at sunset and sunshine can yield superlative pictures.
  • When zooming for a close-up shot in landscape photography, never leave the frame of the object; try to include natural elements, which are already in the frame.
  • The composition of colors is very important- the frame which is beautiful for the normal eye may not look beautiful from the lens eye. So, adjust the composition in the frame for beautiful shots.
  • A wide look picture is very impressive as landscape photos. Usually armature photographer’s misconceptions is wide-angle lens is best for landscape photography. However, the best lens for landscape photography is telephoto lens.
  • Always use a tripod in clicking landscape shots. Many apprentice photographers cannot handle camera in hands. So, use of a tripod will avoid shakes and unclear pictures.
  • A shutter release cable is very much necessary- this is advised for many beginners when compared with auto-timer release shutter. Cable helps the triggering of shutter easily.
  • The time you are shooting the landscape photographs is important- many experts say that the 10-15 minutes time before sunset and after sunrise is superlative for outdoor photography. Avoid outdoor shooting at 11 am-2 pm as shooting at this time can yield shadows and dark spaces.
  • The selection of correct filters also yields great photographs. Polarizers and ND (neutral density) filters are widely used in landscape photography. Polarizer works as anti-glare and ND filters stops unwanted lights from entering camera.
  • Be artistic in your approach of clicking landscape photographs. Avoid the common angles and sceneries, think unique, be your self. Experiment with different shots and angles.
  • Take the help of sources such as internet and magazines to get ideas on landscape photography. Do not copy, but get ideas and patterns in shooting.

If you are a travel bug, then landscape photography is a great combination. The best equipment combined with care in clicking photos yields great landscape photographs.



  1. I strive to get beautiful shots but I have a touble all the time. It’s pretty helpful!! Thanks.

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