Portraits don’t always have to be boring. Different elements can be used to make them more interesting and full of life. The right use of props, poses, lighting and even exposure can take a simple portrait to the height of excellence.

An overexposed portrait will carry a soft quality to the subject whereas an underexposed photograph adds a brooding and mysterious quality to the portrait.

How To Take Inspirational Portrait Shots?

This can also be used to highlight certain features like the eyes of the subject. Similarly a unique or different pose adds more character and interest.

The artistic use of texture and the blur of movement add a different perspective.

Usually the subject looks straight into the camera. If the photographer can ask the subject to look away from the camera it adds an amount of mystery to the character and can also be used to make the portrait look more candid than posed for.

The use of unusual camera lens size also makes the portrait look different. Similarly, using a close zoom can help to capture a fleeting expression or look.

Props add an angle of interest to the portrait and also speak about the person. Shadows too can be used to add more depth. Inside a picture they seem to have a story of their own.


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