There aren’t too many photographers that take fashion photography just for the heck of it. Most fashion photographers are professionals who earn a living out of it. The competition is pretty fierce, so if you’re interested in making money with this type of photography you have to stand out above the rest.


You should always be thinking out of the box and looking for ways of improving your images. Be creative, just like the designers are when they introduce their new fashions to the world. A good imagination goes a long way as long as you have the technical skills and professionalism to go along with it.

A good imagination will grab the viewer’s attention. But you need to know how to transfer your ideas to the camera by knowing what type of composition and lighting methods you need to use to pull it off. Continuous practice will help you master the many techniques used in good photography. Don’t try to fill your images with too many elements as less is often more when it comes to a good fashion photo. A simple picture can often convey a clearer message and theme than a complex photo.

You also need to know your subject. It’s hard to be a good fashion photographer if you don’t know what the new trends and fashions are. Keep your eye on the fashion industry and look out for the latest items to hit the streets. If the clothing is new, it offers a good opportunity to be one of the first to photograph it.

It’s a good idea to plan things out when it comes to angles, props, and poses, but be flexible and if an idea comes to you at the spur of the moment, go with it. Remember, the fashion photographer is the last in a long line of people who make fashion come to life, after the designer, model, make-up artists, hair stylist, etc.  Your job is to combine all of their efforts and represent them with the final product.


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