We all know how great certain types of foods taste, but some foods also make for ideal photographs, especially the colorful ones. While most food photography is used in magazines, some people also like to dabble in it at home.

If you use simple color combinations the images will appear more graphic and the food will stand out. It’s a good idea to use natural lighting wherever you can, such as placing it close to a window. The background will become brighter and add depth and dimension.

How to Get Tasty Shots of Food?

If you shoot the photos from different angles you can make the food appear to be spilling out of a glass or falling off of a plate etc. You can show texture by taking the shots straight on or from above.

Taking shots behind the scenes is also interesting. Images of the food being prepared and of guests in the kitchen can make for great photos. Most parties end up in the kitchen anyway.

You’ve probably noticed that some restaurant chefs like to place small portions of food on large plates for presentation, but it doesn’t really have the same effect in food photograph as it can look too distant and small. It’s better to zoom in so the food is the focus of the photo, but not too close so it looks larger than life.


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