Almost anybody can take a picture, but if you would like to know how to do venture style photography you should know that the key is to practice. There are some tips that you should know about that will help you to enhance your pictures and to bring them to life.

How to Do Venture Style Photography?


Visual point of view in venture style photography

If you change the point of view of the camera, you will get pictures taken from different angles. If you shoot below or above the subject you could achieve truly unique photos. The advantage of these photos is that they are eye-catching. Photos become interesting when they have something special about them.

The subject’s eyes

In case you are into photos in venture style you may want to focus on the eyes of the subject. The eyes create a connection with the observer. For instance you could use indirect focus. In this case the subject should look at an imaginary object, not directly into the camera so that the photo will be more interesting.

When asking how to do venture style photography it is good to know that if you use this technique, you can add some mystery to the photo. Another technique is for the subject to look towards something inside the photo. This way the photo will be able to tell a story.

Breaking the rules

If you are taking venture style photos the guidelines will get you started, but if you want to do something special you will have to bend or even break the rules. You don’t want to put the subject in the middle of the photo. Just break the rules and have the subject on one side.


The photographers asking how to do venture style photography should know that they can add an air of mystery to their photos while playing with light. With the use of light you can create shadows and silhouettes and they can introduce or conceal different feelings.

Out of the ordinary

In case you are making venture style pictures you don’t want photos that any other photographer can make. Think about this: and old man riding a carousel is a lot more interesting than an old man sitting on a bench.

Now you know the basic answer to the question how to do venture style photography. The main point is that you have to come up with your own style.


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