There are thousands of photographers around the world making a good living out of submitting their work to online stock photography sites. This is where their photographs can be downloaded and used by others for various reasons for a fee. It’s a very popular way of sharing images with others. Some stock photo sites have millions of images in their online libraries.

However, while you may be eligible toupload photos online to a site, they need to be good quality if you hope on making any money from them. They need to stand out when compared to the competition.

How to Break into Stock Photography?

It’s a good idea to look through several stock photo sites and see what images stand out and ask yourself why.

You should be able to see which ones are the most popular photos by checking out how many times they’ve been downloaded by customers.

When you take photos for submission remember to concentrate on focus, framing, composition, lighting, noise, and keyword selection.

Ask yourself how you would be able to recreate the good photos by considering what equipment would be needed, such as lenses and other accessories.

Make sure all the photos you submit are clear and sharp. Try to stay away from images that show heavy shadows. You can do this by utilizing the proper lighting techniques and/or taking the photos at the right time of the day if they’re outdoor shots. The sun is usually in the best position in the early morning and evening.

It’s also important that your photos are interesting and have a clear focus and topic. The images are generally sorted by category, such as sports, landscape, animals, etc. Make sure the photos clearly suit a category. If you take pictures of a boxing kangaroo in the middle of a mountain range, it could get confusing to viewers.


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