Go-Pro refers to a range of high definition cameras, camcorders and video recorders that have revolutionized the world of photography and video recordings. The parent company that manufactures these amazing products is- Go Pro Inc. a company based in USA. While people are going gaga over the benefits of Go Pro, almost everybody who has used the device is also rolling out advice on how to best use it.

go-pro photography tips

Given below is a list of Go-pro photography tips and suggestions:

  • One tip that is of great importance concerns the battery of these devices. The batteries on most Go Pro devices are considerably small and hence are bound to run out soon. In a bid to extend the battery life and slow the battery drain you must turn off the Wi-Fi when not in use.
  • Another tip to conserve the battery is to also turn off the red LED indicator/ lights, the camera sounds and any other features that you are not using at that moment.
  • Go-Pro works amazingly well in capturing movements. So for those capturing static events, one suggestion is to create external momentum. That is, move around the static object and see that it gives a level of depth to the shoot.
  • The next tip when shooting in day with a Go-Pro device is to also make note of the sunlight you get in the background. Before going for the shot determine where do you want to place the sun in the picture.
  • Many Go-Pro owners wonder about the function of the little white rubber piece that comes in the packing. Well it is a lock- plug which is used to lock the camera when mounted. Make use of it to avoid any vibrations or shakiness in your images.
  • Go Pro covers a wide area and for those who are using it for street photography there is one suggestion we’d like to make. The suggestion is to get close to your subject. If you want a concentrated click, then you must focus on the subject. This way you can prevent other subjects (whom you do not want to include in the picture) from entering the frame.
  • Go- Pro does not come with a viewfinder which means that it is not conventionally easy to figure out where the device is aiming at. The suggestion is that until your guess becomes better with use, you must opt for an LCD Bacpac or similar device to make it easier to shoot with the Go-Pro.

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