Most of us have been living under this misconception that glamour and fashion, or rather glamour photography and fashion photography are the same. But to your surprise, these are two different branches of photography. Though they are very much related to each other, the details about them are totally different. Below given are some of the key differences between glamour photography and fashion photography which will make you realize why there is a thin line between both these types:

glamour and fashion photography is not the same

  • In fashion photography, the clothes, accessories, makeup, shoes or any other product/commodity carried by the model is being endorsed whereas in case of glamour photography, the main purpose is to endorse the model itself. For example, a photo shoot for an apparel brand is fashion photography and a photo shoot for Playboy Magazine is Glamour photography.
  • The models in fashion photography give the ‘feeling good’ look when they are wearing the brand clothes, makeup or whatever is being advertised through her whereas glamour photography is more about situational moods. The expressions of the model can be happy, sad, angry or sensual depending upon the theme of the photo shoot.
  • The models required for fashion photography should usually be thin, slender and heighted so that the focus can be more on the outfit. In case of glamour photography, the models have to have a slightly curvy body. The models need to be open minded and more expressive and bold as it is the need of the photograph.
  • In fashion photography, the main focus is kept on the product which is being advertised and in glamor photography, the main focus is the model and the clothes or accessories she wears are secondary focus of the photograph.
  • There can be a blend of fashion photography and glamour photography when a particular fashion brand also wants to promote the model, if she is their brand ambassador.
  • There are different photographers for both of them. A product photographer can also do fashion photography effectively as he will indeed highlight the product but a glamour photographer should have an experience in model photography.
  • If you want to take updates about the latest fashion trends, you should opt for looking more at fashion photographs as they tell you about the most updated fashion and style whereas if you are not really concerned about fashion and want to drool over good looking models, glamour photographs are the ones you should look for.

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