If you’ve ever been to Buckingham Palace in London, England, or Niagara Falls in Canada do you really need to ask yourself why nine out of 10 people are carrying a camera with them? Travel photography comes as natural as breathing to many holiday goers as they never leave home without a camera. This is because you can take all types of photos while traveling.

You can create photo journals which document your trip from start to finish. You can shoot famous landmarks; buildings, scenery and people, and you can also take photos while doing the actual physical traveling by shooting from a car, train, bus, plane, or ship.


Most people take travel photos for the memories, but they can be much more than that.

The beauty of travel photography is that you can incorporate many other styles into it such as aerial, underwater, sports, landscape, and portrait photography, etc. You may get better and more interesting photos if you know something about your destination and its people. You should also be aware of unsafe areas when traveling.

Try to add life and variety to your photos and use your imagination and creativity. I wouldn’t recommend taking a photo of Niagara Falls while going over them in a barrel, but you get the picture.

The world is yours in travel photography as it gives you a chance to experiment with various techniques, lenses, and filters etc. While traveling, keep an eye on your camera or use a strap to keep it attached to your body.


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