night photography1Have you ever felt the urge to take a photo in the night but you are afraid it won’t come out right anyway?

Well, newsflash; you can shoot a photograph anywhere and anytime as long as you use the right camera settings.

Night photography is a technique that creates mysterious and intriguing photos you will love to show off to fellow friends and workmates.

Common subjects for night photography range from water bodies, amusement rides, fireworks, the moon and streets with traffic. Try out these tips and you will be shooting away like its day time!

Use manual focus instead of auto focus

Manual focus will be more appropriate as autofocus systems are pathetic in poor light situations. With manual focus you are able to focus accurately on your subject despite the low lighting which surrounds your subject.

The long exposure technique

You can use the long exposure multiple flash photographic technique when shooting in low light situations. Here the shutter is open for a longer period so that more light is open to the images film of the camera.

In short, this is termed as long exposure. The result is that the photograph is lighter, which is what we want despite the fact that it’s after sunset.

To add more color to your pictures using this technique, you can add some gel in different colors to your flash and take multiple photos. This technique will produce amazing pictures and will also cast shadows in a breath taking way when you change between colors.

Shutter speed and aperture

You should also try and balance between shutter speed and camera aperture. Your shutter speed should be long, say, ten or so seconds and your aperture should very narrow, preferably a high f-stop.

These settings will make sure your image is in focus and you will not have much trouble in shooting and producing night photography. It might be a bit of a challenge getting the right pair of settings when you are using manual focus but trial and error is the best way to go around it.

Be patient until you get the right settings before you begin to shoot any photographs.

Bracketing technique

Bracketing is another technique you can use. Bracket all your photos so that your camera takes a number of photos using different exposure coupled with different settings, eventually you will get the brightness you require in your photographs.

The above techniques all require a great deal of trial and error but so does photography in general. If you want the best photo then you just have to play around with the settings and see which ones will produce the best photos.


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