Winter photography is surely an art, which differs a lot from any other photography styles. One of the most important things, when it comes to creating great winter images is the exposure. The correct exposure is the secret key to any winter picture.


For instance, if it is a sunny winter day and you want to capture the glow of the snow, switch off the auto mode of your camera. If it is on auto mode, you may lose some important details of the image or get dark silhouette on a bright background.

The modern cameras are updated with Beach/Snow mode, which is great for winter images and capture the frost and the snow in a unique way. Use a center-spot metering and combine it with AE Lock.


It will help you to correct the exposure and move without releasing the shutter option. Winter images are also illuminated, in order to re-create the authentic light.

In case you can’t achieve this effect, simply illuminate the foreground with the flash.  The built-in flash has limited intensity and it should be used only at 3 meters distance. In case you can’t recreate the shadows, so typical for a winter picture, use Photoshop for editing your image.


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