Forensic photography is a kind of photography which deals with photographing a crime scene and for this reason, it is also known as crime scene photography and forensic imaging.  It is the art of reproducing the crime scene accurately so that the photographs can be used as evidence and can be used in the process of investigation.

One must record each and every part of the crime scene expertly. This kind of photography is considered more serious than any other kind since the photographer does not have the scope to go wrong and gets a small time window to shoot all pictures. To know more about forensic photography, you can go through the following given information.

know all about forensic photography

Equipment Needed

The various equipments that are needed in forensic photography include camera/cameras, wide angle lens, normal lens, electronic flash, filters, tripod stand, extra batteries, notebook and pen, flashlight, film, cleaning equipment for lens and camera, protection gear for rain or other conditions and camera repair equipment. Besides these, the individual may also need to carry all kinds of lights, extra pieces of lens and other items.

Technical Expertise Needed

In order to become a forensic photographer, one needs not just to know the use of a camera but should also have high technical expertise. All photographs clicked must be exposed correctly and should have maximum depth of field. They must be focused sharply and there must be no distortion in them.  The photographer must be comfortable with doing both night and flash photography and should have expertise over both indoor and outdoor photography.


A forensic photographer must fulfill certain educational qualification requirements. He/she must have pursued an advanced photography course from a registered photography school. He/she may also need to do a course related to crime scene investigation and these courses are offered by governmental institutions only.

He/she must pass a background check, a vision test, physical fitness test and other health tests.  The candidate must not be faint hearted since this field may require him/her to view scenes of murders and gruesome acts.  He must have excellent eye for detail and should cover the entire scene smartly.

Forensic photography is a kind of a photography which requires extreme precision and detailing. Unlike other forms of photography, this one is not at all fun and is more than about being artistic or creative.

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