If you flip the pages of the most popular fashion magazines, you will see that the photographers seem to know exactly what to do to make the clothes look perfect. This is something that the fashion photography tips and techniques can help you with.

Fashion Photography Tips and Techniques

The eyes

Just like in real life, eye contact is important in case of photos as well. It is a good idea to snap the models when they look right into the camera. This will make the photo more intense. On the other hand, you could also tell the model to have averted eyes. This will make the photo look like it’s out of focus.


In case of portraits you can have the model in the middle of the composition, but the techniques for fashion photography and tips tell you that you should try to move the model around in the frame. This way the viewers will have a larger space to take in.


One of the most important fashion photography tips and techniques is to experiment with light. Don’t forget that light adds drama to your photos, so you should use it. If there is a lot of light, it will create vulnerability and gentleness in the shot.

Moving around

Although you might be in your comfort zone in your studio, sometimes you just have to break free and try some new tips. This way you can make the clothes look like they can be worn on the sidewalk as well. The setting will become an important part of the story that you are trying to tell.

The angle

When thinking about the fashion photography tips and techniques you should know that the majority of the photographers shoot from ground level, straight at the models. However, you should try shooting from a different angle as well to make the best of the garments and accessories.

Candid couture

The fashion photography tips and ideas tell you that you should be ready to shoot at all times, even when the models are only standing around. It is good to know that when the models are looking away, the photo will have a sexy and unexpected touch to it.

Make the best of these fashion photography tips and techniques. Also make sure that you add a bit of your personality to your photos as well.

Photo Credit: (http://www.talenthouse.com/)


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