The truth is that not all photographers are prepared well enough for using fashion photography studio lighting techniques. This is an industry in which the participants are constantly learning something new and they have to be open towards the new gear and trends of the business.



This is the most important element that you have to think about before starting to shoot. It is a must to have a lot of light in the studio. First of all you will need a main source of light that will shed light on one side of the face of the model.

Moving on

Besides the main light regarding the techniques for fashion photography studio lighting you will need a secondary source of light as well. You can substitute this by using a white bounce card. The main point is to bounce the light back to the other side of the models’ face as well.

Hair light

When thinking about the fashion photography studio lighting techniques, this is something specific for the fashion industry. This light needs to be aimed to the back of the head of the model to make sure that her hair will stand out in the background to add depth to her head.

Lights in the background

In case you are interested in tips for fashion studio photography lighting, keep in mind that you will need some light in the background as well to make sure that the model won’t blend in into the background and her or his silhouette will be well defined.

Make it interesting

The good thing about the fashion photography studio lighting techniques is that you can play with light. For instance, in case of the background light, you can put gel on it or you could add color to the light source. A textured fabric will also add a nice and unique touch to the photo.

Get creative

The main point is to help you achieve the effect that you would like to have. You can use anything you want for this purpose: there are no rules. Just make sure that the model stands out and that she is well lit, without any unwanted shadows.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about regarding the fashion photography studio lighting techniques that you may want to use in the future.

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