Fashion photography is one of the most popular forms of photography and is a genre which deals with shooting fashion models, commercial models or anything/anyone else endorsing a fashion product or company. This is often referred to as an easier genre of photography but is infact quite difficult. Mistakes in this field of photography are common too. The following are the top 6 fashion photography mistakes which one must avoid making:

fashion photography mistakes to avoid

1. Using the Wrong Lenses

Most photographers make the mistake of choosing and using the wrong types of lenses in fashion photography. Since you don’t need to shoot the surroundings as such, a 70-100mm lens could be the perfect one for this job.  This helps to focus on the subject and merge out the surroundings.

2. Having the Fashion Model not Look into the Camera

Except for some particular kind of shoots, fashion photography is one field where the model or subject must be looking into the camera. The subject must make an eye contact with the camera and should be encouraged to do so while posing.

3. Lack of Communication

Unlike street photography, you must constantly communicate with the subject in fashion photography and should keep telling her how to pose, what expressions to have and what not to do. Not doing so can ruin the shoot. It is better to get at a comfort level with the model before the shoot begins.

4. Too much Editing

It is true that out of all forms of photography, fashion photography needs the maximum editing in most cases but doing too much of it can make the picture look fake and may take away the raw and natural element out of it. So try to tone done the editing.

5. Using the Wrong Light Modifiers

Whether you are shooting in a studio or outside, usage of the right light modifiers is essential. Using the wrong ones is also a common photography mistake which must be avoided. Direct lights create hard edged dark shadows whereas diffused lights scatter the light on the subject from many directions.

6. Shooting from Above Subject’s Eye Level

This is another mistake which must be avoided. Shooting from the eye level or below it may not be a rule but is usually preferred. Shooting from above the subject’ eye level can make the neck look shorter and may thus take away a feeling of height or length.

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