There are many ways to tell a story at sporting events. The most popular of course is to photographthe athletes while they’re engaged in action. However, there are several other effective images to capture during sporting events that help to tell onlooker what’s going on.

It’s a good idea to take some photos of spectators as well. Closeups of fans’ facial expressions can make for great shots after a tremendous play or a huge disappointment.

Wide-angle shots can also be effective. For example, an image of a stadium full of people doing the wave. In some sports you might even be able to take photos of fans interacting with athletes, such as spectators handing out water to runners in a marathon, and athletes celebrating with them on the field of play.

Taking photos of judges can result in some excellent shots. Some sports such as boxing, skateboarding, gymnastics, figure skating, and slam-dunk contests in basketball use judges. Focusing on their facial expressions after an amazing athletic performance can tell a great story as you might capture the look of astonishment or vice versa for bad performances.

Teammates celebrating after a win or consoling each other after a loss make good story-telling photos as well as it shows their camaraderie.


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