Travel photography can be a lot of fun and very exciting for photography enthusiasts, beginners and pros. It is simply amazing to capture the true feeling and energy of a foreign location which represents the city’s vibe and culture. Travel photography is wide, varied and has endless options and possibilities and this is what makes it even more challenging. But there are several common travel photography mistakes that many tend to make. The following are the most common ones:

travel photography mistakes to avoidNot Doing Research

If you are in the mood to do some travel photography, then you would probably need to do some prior research work to find out the best places for clicking great shots. Knowing the locations is not enough, it is also important to know how you would travel to that location from your hotel and what all you’ll probably need to carry with you.

Not Exploring

Travel photography is mainly about exploring, finding good frames amidst the life of the location and wandering away from the group to discover interesting faces and places. It is a common mistake to not go out for a little exploration and stick to the group tour. Without exploring, you probably won’t be able to spread your legs to get the best clicks.

Not Clicking Candid Shots

It is the people of a place who give a true meaning to a certain location and not shooting candid shots will not enable you to capture the true vibe of your destination. Most photographers are not open to the idea of approaching people to capture their lives, to listen to their stories and to frame conversations instead of pictures.

Clicking only Famous Landmarks

Most people tend to make the mistake of only clicking the pictures of famous landmarks. Well, Paris is not just about Eiffel tower but also about its endless streets, alleys, roadside cafes, busy city life and amazing skyline. So take your eye away from the landmarks and hit the city on foot.

Clicking Boring Landscapes

Clicking boring, composition-less landscapes is yet another travel photography mistake that most tend to make. While landscapes look beautiful and you might have an urge to capture them, make sure you try something different and create a unique composition. For example, try to include a subject like a human, a bird or an object in your frame to break the frame and add more meaning to it.

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