If you are aspirant to find career in photography, then this is for you. The photography [Photography techniques] cannot be explained in simple or shortened terms. There are several objectives in photography, which are associated with different fields in photography.


Photography is something, which does not need any words to explain feelings or make you understand about a product. Advertising photography is used to stimulate these desires to an act and purchase. A mature and experienced photographer will explain the exact idea in the photograph without the use of words.

As the name indicates, Advertising photographs are taken for advertising or promoting a product. It may be a baby product or a Luxurious car, you need promotion. So, advertising photography is always in a golden phase.

The subject or model which is used in the advertising photography promotion can vary from a living human being to a non-living thing. Different models which are used in advertising photography are animals, non-living things, and human models, which include adults and kids.

Advertisements with animals: Who are not attracted to cute little animals, which look at us with their cute and adorable eyes? Animals are commonly used in the advertising photography to promote their own food products, luxurious spas, clothing and other accessories.

Shooting with animals is some what tricky because it’s very hard to get the right shot with the animal. It’s hard to get the animal into a playful mood for a perfect shot. As a beginner photographer [Photography tips], you cannot start shooting ads with animals because it needs some experience to get the right shot.

advertising photography

Advertisements with non-living things: This may seem an easy task, but it is not at all easy as you need to explain the product without any movements. This type of advertisements is often used to promote cars, pens, furniture etc.

But, with some experience in the field of advertising photography, many seem that the shooting with non-living things is very easy. Proper care in the lighting and background setup will yield great shots, which explain the idea of photographer.

Advertising with human models: The human models are regarded as the most versatile models in the advertising category because in the above categories, the photographer should struggle a lot to explain the exact meaning, but the humans have the efficiency to explain the feelings with eyes only. The human models are categorized into adults and kids.

Kids are always excellent models if you have an attachment with them. They often make an indelible and remarkable feeling on the reader’s mind. Many advertisement companies have used this technique and found benefits.

When compared to kids, adults can portray many more emotions. The essence is to capture the correct emotion that is necessary for ads. Emotions captured in the photographs bring drastic changes to the ads and clearly explain the product.

The product you are advertising can be anything, but you should be able to click images that will be understood without the use of words.



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