Taking photos of pets and animals can result in some extraordinary images, especially when it comes to kittens. For some reason, these cute and playful animals are very photogenic and can pull off some amazing poses and facial expressions.

Cats definitely have a mind of their own when they grow older, but most kittens are intrigued by the same things and are just naturally playful, energetic, curious, and mischievous. If you have a kitten you will know your pet well and will know when to capture it on camera.

Capturing Kittens on Camera Is a Pure Joy

You don’t really need to be an expert with your camera to get some good shots, knowing yourkitten’s personality actually means more since you’ll know how to get it to react and when to take the pictures.

When taking the photos it’s a good idea to get down to the same level as the kitten.

In addition, try to take the photos without using your camera’s flash unit since it could harm the cat’s eyes. If you do have to use the flash, make sure your pet isn’t looking straight into the camera.

The best photos are the ones that aren’t posed, but are spontaneous.

When the animals are awake they’re usually pretty active and all you really need to do is keep your eye on them for several minutes to see what they get up to. It’s usually something pretty interesting as they just naturally keep themselves entertained.

Following a kitten around should give you plenty of opportunities to capture some pretty interesting shots. If you place the kitten in new surroundings it will probably become naturally curious and start to check things out. However, if it doesn’t or is unsure of its surroundings you can usually always get your pet to react by tossing it a toy or a ball or waving a piece of string in front of it. A cat’s natural instinctis to wave its paws at a moving object or to chase it over the room.

There are a few tricks you can try as well when taking the photos. For instance, if you have more than one kitten you could rub a treat behind the ears of one of them. The other kitten may sense this and the odds of it licking its little buddy’s ears are pretty good.

Having the kitten interact with small children can also result in some excellent photos. If you’d like your pet to settle down in a specific area, remember kittens like the warmth and you could place a hot water bottle underneath a blanket to get it to stay in one place.

Using the sequence-shot setting on your digital camera is a good way to capture an image. If the kitten is jumping at an object and you take multiple shots in a row there’s a good chance you’ll catch the cat in mid-jump or midair.

It doesn’t always matter if the image captures the whole kitten. Often, its face and eyes are just needed, even if its eyes are closed. Try to use a contrasting background. If your kitty is black then it will stand out more in front of a light background.

But while kittens are usually pretty boisterous, you can also get some wonderful shots when they’re sleepy or resting. These images can be peaceful, calm, and very tranquil. A dreaming kitten often makes for a cute and adorable photo.

The possibilities when taking photos of your pet kitten are basically endless. There’s usually never a dull moment when a kitten’s around. Just remember if your pet’s pretty active you may have to adjust yourdigital camera settings to make sure you can capture a fast-moving object. You want to make sure that you end up with a sharp and crisp photo instead of blurry ball of fur.

Taking photos of pets and animals can result in some extraordinary images, especially when it comes to cute kittens.


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