The only time humans get the chance to take photos from thousands of feet above the earth is when they’re on airplanes or hot-air balloons etc. You can get some amazing images from those heights as everything is seen in a different perspective.

Taking photos from an airplane can be easily done, but there are a few things to keep in mind to get better shots.

You’ll have to take the photos out of the plane’s window. However, a plane can often be unsteady and it usually vibrates.

If you place the camera against the window there’s a good chance your camera will be unsteady, so try and hold it steady and don’t place it directly up against the window.

Capturing Amazing Images Through Your Airplane Window

Make sure your flash is turned off since it won’t be of any use anyway and it can cause reflections in the window. If you’d like to cut down on any natural glare or reflections you can use a lens hood if your camera lens allows for one.

If you can’t fit a hood on it, then you can cup your hand around the lens to cut down on the sun and reflections.

You might want to take the shots as early in the flight as possible in case the windows become cloudy or condensed from the outside weather. You should also use manual focus as the auto feature may not work as well since it might not know what you’re trying to focus on.

If you know the route your plane is taking you’ll have a good idea of what you’ll be flying over and approximately when. You can get some excellent views when the aircraft is turning or banking as well as when it just takes off and is landing.

Keep your eyes open for the unexpected. You may be able to capture some amazing cloud formations, bolts of lightning, the setting or rising sun, other airplanes, and dramatic changes in landscapes etc.

Seeing the world from above can provide you with some amazing sights and it’s well worth taking your camera with you on your next flight.


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