Our mind is wrapped up with the idea that to capture good photo you must have a good camera – but today technology has brought camera to you in the handiest form.

The evolving smart phones equipped with high definition cameras are no less that professional digital cameras if you know the right method of photography.

Thus carrying a dedicated camera in your bag is becoming obsolete. Though usage of smart phones has increased, you have to know about all the potentialities of your camera to transform your photograph into an excellent one.

The subsequent tips will allow you to be a good photographer with your smartphone:

brilliant smartphone photography

1. Be Steady

To take a great snap with your smart phone you must have excellent grip on it. As the camera of your smart phone is highly sensitive, every tremble can make your snap blurry. Hence you have to be very careful while tapping the button of camera.

2. Avoid Digital Zoom

Instead of using digital zoom you can crop your image later on. Digital zooming will worse your photograph as the process of stretching reduces the quality of the image. Most of the smart phones are well equipped with several cropping tools in their gallery application which will ease your process of getting closer to your photo rather than zooming.

3. Use the Highest Possible Resolution

Exploit your smart phones settings with its full. Always set the resolution setting at its highest level while capturing your snap. In this contest another important zone is aspect ratio. If your smart phone camera is equipped with “classic” 4:3 aspect ratio then do not move to use 16:9 aspect ratios as it will hamper both of your camera as well as the snap.

4. Cleaning of Camera Lens

The lens of your camera is highly sensitive part of your smart phone which needs to be protected from dust all the time. It also gets dirty very easily and thus you need to clean it from time to time. Always remember to use soft clothes to clean the lens of your camera.

5. Right Focus

To fetch perfection to your photography through smart phone you must be aware about the right focal point of your camera. Some smart phones are equipped with the technology to configure both the focus object and the exposure circumstance in the same frame you tap on.

6. Learn about the Camera Modes

Experimenting with different modes of your smart phone camera can enhance your quality of image. For fast most moving objects or to shoot in night mode will teach you to use those features at the right moment of your life.

7. Editing Photo

Smart phones have evolved with extensive built in tools for editing which will assist you towards good photography. You can adjust color and contrast of it, add filtering as well as add frames to transform it into an artsy shot.

Photo Credit By: polaroidfotobar.com

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