candid photographyCandid photography is the shooting of a series of photos almost as if the photos tell a story when you are looking at them.

They are able to reveal the interaction between two humans and the emotional state of the person.

Journalists and wedding photographers tend to use this type of photography for the desired output.

To achieve the best results for candid shots you should be able to follow all the known tricks and styles that there is to it; otherwise you will not be pleased with the results.

You should incorporate something in the foreground of your shot, like shooting over someone’s shoulder. The picture will create the assumption that you are hiding behind something.

You can also use the frame of a doorway as your foreground. Don’t limit yourself to these, be creative about it. Creativity brings around the best photos.

When you are taking your pictures make sure your subject is unaware that you are taking the picture. If they see that you are taking that picture they may tense up and in the end you might not get the original effect that you are looking for.

Try shooting from the hip where your subject will carry on doing whatever they are doing at ease so you take the true picture.

Candid photography is all about getting the perfect shot at the right moment. Try and observe a group of people and see if anything is about to unfold. Start taking your shots and if an event does unfold then you have an event unfolding in front of your camera. Remember it’s unique because it can tell a story.

Avoid taking pictures of individual people, but take pictures of people with other people so you can capture that human interaction aspect.

Also take people as they are doing and concentrating on other things, such as sipping on wine or deep in thought or conversation. They are not supposed to see you so do this as discretely as possible.

Shoot spontaneously when you are taking shots. You will be surprised with what you come up with when you take a series of multiple shots.

You can shift your camera to non stop shooting mode so that you don’t have to keep pressing manually. You may make series of mistakes but shooting like that will increase your chances for that perfect shot.

Candid photography is actually fun and interesting in doing and in seeing the results, so enjoy playing around with the styles and tricks in the trade.



  1. hey thanx for the wonderful article..nice blog..the captures that you get aftr takin a candid pic is vry interesting..the pic posted here for example too is awesome..the lady is watching sumthin interesting..seeking subjects for candid photography is nt difficult u just need to keep an eye on your foreground!!

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