portrait photographyPortrait photography is very sensitive to the background that you are going to use to a great extent unlike other forms of photography.

Therefore you should be careful in choosing the background to get the best out of your portrait photography.

The color and the backdrop are the major aspects that you check out when choosing the background.

The color

The main idea behind portrait photography is that the subject is the main focal point.

So choose a background that has a solid and soft color. You can’t choose a background with a shouting and bright color because then the focus is not on the subject anymore, but focus is divided between your main subject and the background.

A mixture of colors also takes the focus off the subject. If the subject has dark hair, it’s advisable to use a light background. However if the subject has light hair use a darker shade of color.

A color that will work in both cases is maroon if you are not comfortable in shifting around colors.

Portraits of babies will also come out better when you use a white background while those of children will be better off with a blue background. Other colors that are commonly used in portrait photography include, grey, black and green. [Photography Background]

The backdrop

Choose a neutral backdrop as well. A surrounding that is plain and simple. A white wall perhaps will be fine.

You can’t expect to take a portrait with a background of a busy street with cars or people all over the place will definitely snatch the attention from where it’s actually supposed to be centred. Neutral is the way to go.

The places where you are going to take the portrait are your choice, but if it’s going to be an outdoor setting avoid positioning your subject directly behind the sun. This will just lead to over exposure and the color in your photograph will be somehow distorted.

Outdoor is the perfect place to take portrait photographs as best results are achieved through natural lighting. But if the sun is in the background, you lose the advantage of natural lighting through over exposure.

Basically the background you choose should not outshine the subject but rather highlight the subject. You should also avoid clustered backgrounds as they drive attention from the subject.

Most professional photographers, particularly the ones that shoot models, create an appropriate background rather than look for one.

They may get a white board into the room or place a black cloth against the wall to create that neutral background in case the wall does not provide an ideal background.


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