Avid photographers who have much experience in the photography field also feel that food photography is risky as they cannot show the correct color balance of the food. Taking food photographs is not an easy task as well as not a hard task that cannot be conquered.

Food Photography

Some basic tips in taking food photographs can make you triumph over the food photography. These are very simple basics to follow in taking food photographs.

These techniques are mainly used in advertising field for endorsing a product. Food photography also comes under advertising photography.

Tips for yielding best results in food photography:

Color balance: When clicking the pictures in food photography, the main drawback is the color balance. Many amateur photographers fill their food photographs with orange or blue casts.

Adjust color balance in the camera or you can even adjust the color balance in image processing program. You should adjust the color balances and avoid the abruptions in the pictures.

Don’t waste much time in arranging: Wasting much time in arranging the food will spoil the originality of the food. So, be quick and arrange the required equipments before, as unnecessary time waste in arranging will make the food lose its originality.

The main drawback in food photography is it does not hold the appetizing look for a long time. While you are busy with some arrangements, the food gets melted or collapsed. Once the food is ready, shift the food on to the plate or any dish and start clicking the photographs.

Composing the shot: Just clicking the images will not add elegance, the background should match the food and the composition should be natural with items related to food photography.

The ingredients used in the food, the kitchen stuff are very good compositions and give a natural look to the food composition. The colors you use around the food should also match the food and look like a complete package. Using opposite colors in the composition may make the frame as a patch work.

Lighting: The lighting is the main aspect in any photograph. Even food photography needs proper lighting setup to add lighting to the food. The important thing to note while you are clicking images is treat the food as a live subject and add lighting; this makes the food look alive.

Even the worst food can get life through the lighting setups. Natural light adds much life to the food than the artificial lighting setup, but you can also include flashes to add up lighting to the food when natural lighting is not sufficient.

Macro photography: Many think that macro photography is only related to taking pictures of insects and flowers from a closer view. You can even experiment with food also. You can add life to the food with macro photography. Taking close up photos of the food can highlight the food and different elements in the food which are ignored in portraits.

Click the steam: Many forget this aspect in food photography and overlook the beauty of steam. Food images clicked when steam is blushing out gives a fresh look to the food and make the viewer understand that the food is fresh and hot. The food blushing out with steam gives a yummy look to the photographs.

By following these food photography tips, you can add a style to your food pictures and make them look better than before.



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