Do you want to go out on the street and just capture all of the amazing things or moments you see or experience? Well that’s street photography but be aware that it is just as difficult as fun it is. You’d be doing things the wrong way without even knowing them and in the process you’d be losing out on some of the most amazing possibilities that’d ever come your way as a photographer.

But no matter what a task it is, it is also an essential part of every photographer’s growth map. So we help you out by giving you a few pointers (tips) we believe should be given due importance while out on the street.

few tips for street photography

  • Firstly and fore mostly always, always travel light. Do not carry too much of equipment with you or you’ll end up regretting it soon enough. Just choose a lens or two and stick with it. When on the street you want to move quickly around the shot and be less obtrusive, so remember that less is more.
  • Avoid Clichés- Don’t follow the heard. In fact that’s the last thing you want to do. So don’t for the touristy places, avoid the simple black n white photos of people walking around and try and get more behind the scenes.
  • Look for complexity: that is- do not run away from crowded complicated pictures. Instead you’d find that some of the best pictures have subjects all around- in the mid ground, in the fore and even in the background. So capture the complexity of the street the way it is for complexity is good.
  • Attention to the eyes- the pathway to the soul. Yes. Whenever you shoot on the street make sure that you always pay attention to the subjects eyes, doing so will improve you pictures by a huge margin. Because it is through the eyes that one can establish a connection with the subject in there.
  • Have a purpose. If you head out to street without even a slight purpose or idea, all that you are going to get are shots just as vague as your own inner self at the moment. So have a purpose, whatever it may be to you.
  • Do not be afraid and do not hesitate. When you have a good shot do not be afraid to click it and when you are in doubt about a certain shots possibility to be good, still don’t hesitate. Just click either way for you don’t know what will come out to be a good shot.

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