landscape photographyIt is common knowledge that one of the favorite subjects of the photographers is the landscape photography ranging from unforgettable sunsets to barren winter trees in the middle of the snow.

Before “digging” into this wonderful passion there are a few tips that can help you make a masterpiece of digital photography.

1. Get familiar with your gear

Apparently with no connection whatsoever with the subject of the photography this is the primary aspect of the task.

Knowing the camera at its best as well as the rest of the accessories in a relaxed environment like home, reading the instructions manual and discovering all the functions as well as taking test pictures can help you figure out what does work best.

When you are facing a subject that is very possible to be found once in a life time it’s not the moment to look for…the ISO button.

2. Do not center the picture

It was noticed over the years that the biggest temptation of a photographer is to place the main subject in the center of the picture. For a special effect it is better to try different photo composition and positions.

3. Take your time

The most exceptional landscape photography is not done running. Look around, wait for the light, the wind and do not hurry. If you prepare for the moment you can consider what you are doing and what you are about to obtain.

4. Be prepared

Make sure that you have the right camera and that the accessories are near. There is nothing more embarrassing than running out of batteries, film or memory when the morning sun rises behind the rocks. Take with you enough batteries and an empty memory card.

5. Make it simple

Many of the landscape pictures are very tiresome. In the effort of crowding in every detail the pixels are doing their maximum best and the main attraction can get lost. Remember- less is more.

6. Prepare your mind

Ready, focused and in the right place. Make a battle plan and stick to it. Be determined to get an amazing photo and do not let yourself be satisfied with any less. Many people believe that the software can fix anything. Be ready to take the best picture that will need optimizing not repairing.

7. Be informed

Find out exactly what time does the sun rises or sets and be there an hour early. Around these times you can take the best pictures, because the light has special warmth and the clouds have amazing colors.

8. Be original

Anyone can copy the work and ideas of others. Be yourself and find out what photo composition defines you.

9. Don’t take unnecessary risks

No photo, no matter how wonderful is worth an injury so watch very carefully where you step. Do not panic and take a breath. Move slowly and be aware of your surroundings.



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