Photographing animals can be a challenge and requires patience, determination and understanding of animal behavior so that you can expect how they will be likely to act or react and predict the moment for a good photograph.

Good exposure, color and blur settings in addition with proper shutter speed and focusing techniques are essential to produce stunning animal photographs.

Here are 30 beautiful pictures of animal photography.


( photo by floridapfe )


( photo by Wild Dogger )


( photo by FrogMiller )


( photo by floridapfe )


( photo by Bassguitar )


( photo by Miguel FG )


( photo by christopher )


( photo by chapmankj75 )


( photo by mr pin )


( photo by Ben )


( photo by Katarina 2353 )


(photo by AnyMotion )


( photo by Stephen Oach )


( photo by AGrinberg )


( photo by Kevin In Canada )


( photo by Jack English )


( photo by Ipgasparim )


( photo by taicho_ahiru )


( photo by  you’re my wife now dave )


( photo by Land.nick )


( photo by da100foto )


( photo by da100fotos )


( photo by floridapfe )


( photo by IKooo )


( photo by limonada )


( photo by momentaryawe )


( photo by danielle marie photography )


( photo by 5348 Franco )


( photo by Chi  Liu )


( photo by corey.steven )



  1. I do not mean to be critical but the elephant one looks like it was taken at the elephant display in Cabebas, outside Kansas City.

  2. Someone has been hosed. Three of the photos – the elephants, ostriches, and zebras – are of museum dioramas. The settings are too perfect. That’s not really animal photography. CE

  3. Some of these are fakes.

    The elephant pic was taken at a museum somewhere.

    If you look at the ostrich one, you can even see the reflection in the glass.

  4. The ostriches, zebras and elephants are all stuffed and in a museum. I don’t think they really count as beautiful animal photography if someone else sets up the shot.

  5. Beautiful pictures that are very pleasing! Some of them look like paintings than pics. Great work, and thanks for compiling them and presenting them for us.

  6. Since the creation of the world God’s invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made.

  7. Not only the zebra and the ostrich. The flying bird close-up (3rd from bottom) is on the wrong web site, it belongs on

  8. The artist that set up the dioramas and taxidermists should receive the credit for the wonderful works of art. Not someone who snapped a picture at a museum.

  9. I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet. But I think some of these are pictures of animals in museums. Just thought I’d point that out in case you couldn’t tell on your own.

  10. Aside from the museum dioramas there are some good photographs of animals here. I like the first image the best.

  11. Yeah, they should have photoshopped the glass reflection out of the ostrich photo before submitting it. Nice pics take patience and literally 1000’s of trial shots. I think Nat.Geo. guys spend months and truckloads of film on an assignment.

  12. These photos were taken at the natural history museum in new york, most of them anyway. I have the same photos from a trip there 5 years ago. The dioramas are absolutely incredible though. The highlight of my trip to america.

  13. The photo of the deer in the sunrise is real enough. I know because it was taken by me. It is not the best shot in the world but it did take a very long time and a lot of patience to get it.

  14. my name is mudssir ahmad bangash. i am student of gradution. i belong to pakistan. it is very very intresting picture and beautifull picture.

  15. I like the picture of the horse. Not experienced enough to tell if it’s a real picture or not but its a good pic.

  16. Great job done by any1………………….!
    keep it up by all the means.
    Mumtaz Hussain

  17. the aesthetic value of the pictures are just mind blowing and memorable that give peace to mind and sight . thank you a lot.

  18. Really awesome. These are really the most stunning photographs which I have ever seen. Special thanks to the photographers who done the job, and of course thanks to the whole team who were involved in this project.

  19. Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.

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