Taking the snaps of babies is a tricky art which requires some techniques and photography tips. If you follow those tips correctly, certainly you will get better pictures of small babies; otherwise the pictures which you have taken will not be that much attractive or appreciable [Photography techniques].

Baby Photography

10 tips or techniques which are most helpful for photographing babies:

  1. Documentary or portrait: Before taking the pictures of babies, first decide which type of pictures you are going to take. Select either documentary or portrait. If the baby is little enough, take documentary pictures at different timings like first moment or feelings with mom, first time when he kept on the scale to know weight, first bath, first manicure, first feelings with grand parents, etc.Taking documentary snaps on these events will be interesting enough and even you also enjoy a lot while taking the snaps and after looking the output of your snaps. Take the portrait snaps of the baby when he completes his first week so that you can able to observe the feelings of him at different situations.
  2. Finding the correct angles: Finding the correct angle to take the snap of the little baby is the biggest challenge for the photographers because small babies will be moving their head more often and the face expression of them will also change from time to time.The 3 different angles which will be more helpful for you to take the snaps of little babies are get down low, close ups and nursed shots.In these three angles, you can take the better pictures of little children, but don’t neglect the face expressions as they are more necessary. A photo which is taken in perfect angle with good face expression of the little one looks great where as the photo which is taken in the perfect angle without good face expression of the little one will not look that much attractive.
  3. Always go macro: Always prefer to take macro pictures which can represent the feelings of the little one correctly. Newborn babies will be small and cute enough so the pictures which are taken in macro will look more attractive than the faraway pictures.Always fix your camera in the macro mode (unless your camera doesn’t has that mode) while taking the pictures of little babies. By keeping the camera in the macro mode, it can be able to isolate the single body parts of the child like an ear, a hand, a mouth, a foot, etc.
  4. Keep the camera close to you: Always keep your camera close because little babies will be pretty predictable in terms of their daily routine. Sometimes they will be cute, funny, active, disgusting and worth capturing. Don’t miss those moments in any case. So, keep your camera always close to you to take snaps of some unexpected expressions or moments of your little one.
  5. Keep shooting: Small babies will be changing day by day. Their expressions, feelings and activities will be differing from one another in every single day as they are growing day by day. So, keep shooting your little one more frequently in order to observe the changes in him.

    Baby Photography

  6. Identify or recognize the happy times: Most of the newborn babies don’t spend lot of their time in smiling. As they are little enough, they tend to sleep for long period of time and they tend to cry for little things as they cannot express their feelings clearly.So, crying is the most common indication to tell that he is feeling inconvenient with some thing. Before taking the photographs of little babies, try to know at which time they will be happy and active enough. You will obtain the good pictures of the little ones if you take them in their happy times.
  7. Take natural: The snaps of your little one which are taken in the natural consequences looks more attractive than the arranged ones. Especially the reality snaps which are taken at certain moments like sleep in their eyes, dried milk present around their mouth, snotty noses, little scratches, birth marks, blotchy skin, etc looks more beautiful.The snaps which are clicked immediately after bath also looks good, as wet face will have high clarity levels than the dry face. Give little touch for the photo of your little one in Photo shop and make it to look more attractive. Don’t make big changes; it may look artificial.
  8. Take out the color: The black and white photographs of your little ones looks more attractive than the colored ones. So, edit the photo to tweak the color of it. Black and white photographs of your little one makes him to look even more soft and smooth and the clarity levels are also seen more in them.
  9. Don’t use direct lighting, always prefer indirect lighting: Direct lighting can create some focus or disturbance in the photo. So, always go for the indirect lighting which makes the features of your little one to look stunning.
  10. Pick the right moments to take the snap: The first and foremost thing which must be considered while taking the snap of your little one is timing of your shot. Even though babies don’t move more often, their expressions and position can break the photo. So, take the snap at clear position and expression, in order to attain the perfect output.

Keep all these ten tips in mind while taking the snaps of your little one. Certainly you will create wonderful images and great memories of your baby by taking the picture in the right way by following the right guidelines. Don’t think photographing babies is the tough task; it is only a little bit tough but you can achieve it if you have enough interest and patience.



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