Portrait Photography isn’t meant to be boring. It’s supposed to be fun, creative, and exciting.

While you can take portraits the traditional way, you may want to experiment a little and try taking some portraits that bend the traditional rules a little bit. Here are some portrait photography tips for you.

1. Change the perspective

Many photographers take portraits with the camera at or close to the subject’s eye level if you change the shooting angle it can give the photo a whole different perspective. You can try shooting from above the subject and from the ground up.

2. Create a story

If your subject has something to look at in the image, such as a child reaching out for a puppy, a loving mother gazing at her newborn baby, a large man hungrily staring at a large pizza, etc. you can create another point of interest as well as a relationship between your subject and it.

The second point of interest can also create more of a story in the photo and this is the most amazing part of these portrait photography tips.

3. Breaking the rules of thirds

The rules of composition can sometimes be broken with amazing effects. You can try putting the subject right in the centre of the photo or on the edge of the shot.

4. Experimenting with light

The way you light portraits can also create interesting images as the possibilities are endless. Side-lighting in portrait photography can produce mood and backlighting can create some wonderful silhouetting.

5. Candid shots

Having your subject pose can sometimes look a little boring or too unnatural. You may want to try and take shots of them doing something, such as working, playing with their children, or participating in a hobby, etc.

They will appear more relaxed and natural. This is especially interesting when doing portrait photography of children.

6. Choose a part of the body

Another one of portrait photography tips is that if you take shots of a specific part of the body, such as a person’s eyes, hands, mouth, or lower body, it can leave a lot to the imagination. In fact, in some instances, what isn’t in the image can say more than what is in it.

7. Take several shots

Take a set of continuous shots so you can produce a series of portrait photos. This works well with children and any active subject who is changing their pose or position quickly.

8. Experiment with your backgrounds

One more important tip amongst all the portrait photography tips is that you can alter the mood of a portrait if you try different backgrounds.

On some occasions it’s a good idea to have a very minimalistic background and on others a colourful or dramatic background will really help the subject to stand out. Experiment with several backgrounds.

9. Angling your camera

Try holding the camera on an angle so the portrait photography is neither horizontal nor vertical. You can create some interesting and fun images if you hold you camera crooked on purpose.

10. Photographing strangers

While most photographers take shots of friends and loved ones, you may want to try taking some portraits of people you don’t really know. If you’re not the shy type you can ask interesting-looking people if you can take their photos.

This can end up in a great collection of images of people of all backgrounds and ages. To many people, that’s what portrait photography is all about and these are portrait photography tips that will help you reach your goals.


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