In a dilemma as to how to increase the game of drone and get jaw-dropping drone shots like those, you keep drooling over in YouTube? Or, you might simply be searching for some great inspirational tips on how to better the drone filming tactics and birth amazing drone moves, that are simply majestic and cinematic?

Winning Drone Shots

7 winning drone shots that you need to check out

1) The Overtake

This shot is basically about displaying the depth,and if you talk in perspective of storytelling, it can be of great help to reveal the hardships or future path of a character. You might want to use a high mountain with a path or road leading towards it.

2) Object of Interest

This can get quite complex, if you plan to do it manually, but can be easier if you opt for automatic smart flying modes that are found on latest drones.

Specifically, plan of revolving around your subject, like the way earth revolves around the sun. But, please do not try orbiting 3600around your subject, as it might prove to be boring. It’s more than enough to help fly your drone for quite a little time while keeping your subject at the center to concentrate on its beauty and importance.

3) The Tilt Reveal

This one of the most standard moves, to begin with, but the results are incredibly great. The success of the shot, however, relies on the manner you choose to frame the shot and what actually you opt for to reveal. So, always think about it, at the beginning.

4) Bird’s Eye

This is one amongst those shots that are great for photography as well, but it can just work excellent for videos because is a rarely seen perspective.

5) Side Follow Shot

This particular shot is one amongst the best. As you might be aware of, most modern drones possess a follow me feature that able to follow objects and people that you select on the controller’s screen. The aim is to track the subject the entire time. One major thing to practice is to keep the subject in the same spot on the screen as long as you can. This gets complex as you move away further from the subject or when your subject changes its directions.

6) Unveiling shot

This shot is basically quite easy to execute, but if done properly, it can give out excellent effects. This actually is a blend of The Tilt Reveal mode and The Overtake Mode.

7) Helix

This shot is one of those amazing shots, that you cannot ignore. You can find this particular move in DJI drones as an automatic flight mode, but like all other moves, it is always good to understand the basics of it instead of depending on the software of the drone.

These were 7 of the best and winning drone shots that might have inspired you a lot. So, move out and start practicing them for some cinematic and dramatic drone moves of all times.

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