Many great photographs include people as well in a  stunning scenery. We all know how frustrating it can be when you set your camera ready to take a picture and you spend minutes to adjust all the setting for capturing the best landscape. And when the moment come and you push the button, a clumsy man walks by and ruins it all. But…is the picture really ruined?

Why Landscapes with People Are Better

photo by David Clapp

Worldwide professional photographers recently started to include people in their pictures and they have the best reasons to do it.

People provide a sense of dimension

The height of a mountain or a tree cannot be seen at full scale until the viewer can compare it with something else with an universally known height like a human. Including people in landscape pictures adds a sense of proportions and it enhances the dramatic look of the image. When you picture the ocean, for example, the image cannot show the scale until a person walks on the beach.

People can provide a message and a story

Every image has a story and a message transmitted by the object it portraits. A human being can change the story and provide a stronger message. This way, the photograph can be used in advertising campaigns and written articles to convince the viewer to read the article. An image will always make 1000 words and people speak louder in pictures.

People add a focus point in photographs

When taking pictures of a repetitive scenery, like a plain or the ocean, you need a focus point which can direct the viewer’s attention. A person is the perfect focus item as it can also provide a message by his actions, his gestures, clothes and mimic.

People can add dynamics

When you want to portray a very vivid place, with lots of movement, like a crowded market, you can use the walking by people and the camera’s slow shutter speed function to add a bit of blur to the actual movement. Using a tripod will help you achieve the perfectly static environment and intricate details which crowded places usually offer.

People add to the complexity of the photo

Photography is not about capturing a place or sight with the camera but rather about capturing life on camera. The movement, the sounds, the emotion are the key-features of an excellent photograph. And capturing people to add depth to your photograph’s message is what turns a good photo into an excellent one.


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