A lot of photographers believe that their habits don’t influence the photos that they take. However, the truth is that some of these habits make the photos boring, while others make the shots lose their quality. Before taking the next shot you have to make sure that you don’t have any bad habits of this kind.

What Bad Habits to Shake to Take Better Pictures


The best chance of taking a shot may pass you if you don’t get a grip of it in the right moment. While it might be important to wait for the right moment, it is also important to grab the moment. This is especially important in case of pictures when you are supposed to capture motion.

Being Afraid of What the People Around You May Think

In many cases the photographers are afraid to take a shot thinking that the people around them or even their subject will disapprove. It is true that you should ask for the consent of your subject before taking the shot, but if the opportunity is just too good, you shouldn’t let it slip and you can ask for a consent afterwards.

Not Being Prepared

A photographer must be ready to shoot at all times. In order to make sure that you won’t miss any big chances, you may use the automatic or semi-automatic mode of your camera. There is also the aperture mode that may prove to be useful in ad hoc situations.


Some of the photographers claim that they are using a low ISO setting because they can’t set it higher than 800. As a result they could end up with blurry shots. It is a must to have fast lens in order to make the best of the ISO capabilities of your camera.

The Noise

It is common for the photographers to be afraid to use high ISO settings because of the possible noise. However, unless you wish to print your photos as large as a bus, there is no need to be a pixel peeper. You don’t have to zoom the pictures 100%.


Not all shots have to be perfect, so don’t over-edit the photos. The best thing to do in order to avoid editing is to simply get rid of the photos that aren’t good enough. This way you will have shots that require little to no editing and the photos won’t take up too much space on your hard drive. As an added bonus, you will waste less time.


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