Underwater photography is one of the most adventurous yet difficult forms of photography. The preparations, the level of complications and the complexity of photography gear make this photography type different from any other.

Initially, this kind of photography was not easy or possible for hobbyists but improvements in technology and falling rates of camera gear have made it possible for even amateurs to pursue this as a hobby or an interest. But in order to be successful as underwater photography, one needs to keep certain tips in mind. The following are the most important tips for underwater photography:

tips for underwater photography

1. Buy the Right Housing

Underwater photography is no place to buy cheap underwater equipment housing. It is important that you invest a good amount to avoid any kinds of problems or leaks that may ruin the experience for you. Also, consider renting if you are only doing this as a onetime thing or hobby but do not take cheap housing pieces for your shoot.

2. Be Prepared for Different Kinds of Water

All water bodies or settings are not the same and hence it is important to be prepared for experiencing variations. Heavily chlorinated pools may often create more problems than freshwater bodies and hence try to avoid them as much as possible or opt for lightly chlorinated ones.

3. Learn to Sink

If you wish to stay underwater, then holding your breath may not be the hint to follow. Rather, take out all the air from your lungs because the less air present in your lungs, the less buoyant will you feel and the easier will it be to maneuver yourself.

4. Learn to Shoot Fast

If you are underwater, you just cannot afford to be slow. There can be many problems that may force you to shoot fast and get out and hence you must learn to be fast. Cold water, increasing currents, low light and difficulty in sinking can all make you uncomfortable. So plan ahead and know exactly what you would like to do underwater. If you are shooting a model, give her the instructions before hand and if possible, practice the poses once outside the water as well.

5. Have Assistance with you

To hold the lights and other gear, you must always take help or assistance with you for an underwater photography shoot. Also, shooting underwater can be dangerous and you must have someone backing you up.

Photo Credit By: wikimedia.org

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